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Posted on June 1, 2024

Mix it up with Treasure Hunt Nottingham this Father's day

A pirate map leading to grog for father’s day!

With Father’s day coming up, it can be hard to think of something original to get for your dad. Is it going to be another gift pack of beers with a cheesy card from Tesco? You can do better!


Posted on April 26, 2024

Ready for a Bank Holiday Challenge?

Three intrepid explorers embarking on Treasure Hunt Nottingham

Get out and explore this May with Treasure Hunt Nottingham. With two bank holidays and games all over the UK, how many treasure hunts can your crew beat?


Posted on February 1, 2024

Celebrate Love & Friendship with Treasure Hunt Nottingham

Two friends enjoying a coffee on a break playing Treasure Hunt Nottingham

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate friendship? Let Captain Bess take your crew on an unforgettable adventure!


Posted on December 1, 2023

Adventure Together This Christmas with Treasure Hunt Nottingham

A gift voucher for Treasure Hunt Nottingham on a table covered with Christmas decorations

Whether you’re driving home for Christmas, hanging up your stockings on the wall, or enjoying a sleigh ride together with your loved ones Treasure Hunt Nottingham is a great way to spend a festive afternoon. And if you’re stuck for what to get your dad/neighbour/mother-in-law, Treasure Hunt Nottingham could be the perfect gift.

Even if you know your Old Market Square from your Castle Captain Bess’s map will guide you to some treasures hidden right under your nose!


Posted on October 1, 2023

Look at Nottingham differently this Autumn 🍂

A hand holding a phone playing Treasure Hunt Nottingham with a tree with orange leaves behind.

Autumn is a special time to enjoy Nottingham: the scenery looks spectacular, the trees are turning yellow and orange and the crisp blue days are perfect for exploring. Plus, without the summer tourists there’s a little more space to enjoy the city!


Posted on September 1, 2023

Start a New Adventure with Treasure Hunt Nottingham

Students sat on steps outside university getting ready to play Treasure Hunt Nottingham

Just landed for your first term in Nottingham? Back after a long summer elsewhere? Treasure Hunt Nottingham is a great way to get to know your new home town. Ideal for Freshers, we’ll take you to all the coolest spots in just an afternoon.